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01-05-2014 14:00u The monster project: discovering, analysing, and solving... Judith Boonstra MPD IDE
28-04-2014 14:00u Developing Corporate product identity guidelines Marleen de Vries DS IDE
25-04-2014 09:00u Creating hollow products with Twintex Nico de Vries PT IDE
17-04-2014 15:00u Sustainable packaging: Integration of sustainability in... Sophie van Felius MPD IDE
25-03-2014 14:30u Improvement of consumer involvement in the design process... Gerrit Eisma MPD IDE
03-03-2014 14:00u The design of conceptual interactive play sets for the... Robert-Jan den Haan DS IDE
07-02-2014 15:00u The Flex-Syme prosthesis, design and evaluation Jessika Bijvank BE IDE
06-02-2014 14:30u MoveYourself, increasing the independency of immobile... Joran van Leussen DE IDE
30-01-2014 14:00u An explorative research to the possibilities of new... Tessa Eising MPD IDE
28-01-2014 13:30u Network World: Design of an interactive information... Jesse van der Scheer DE IDE
16-01-2014 10:00u Developing a custom-made Life Cycle Assessment software... Chris ten Dam ETD IDE
20-12-2013 14:00u Combining persuasive and gameful design for the... Bas Snippert DS IDE
19-12-2013 14:00u The design of an applied game for people with autism... Nina Geurds DS IDE
05-12-2013 15:00u The development of sustainable installations for the... Wouter de Haas ABCDE IDE
05-12-2013 09:30u Development of a design support model for designing... Casper Conradi ABCDE IDE

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