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11-11-2016 14:00u "What If?" Cultural change in the Museum Boijmans... Berber Vos MPD IDE
14-10-2016 14:00u The design of a board game that supports its participants... Brian Diephuis ETD IDE
10-10-2016 13:00u Design for empowering people to get a grip on their daily... Melina Kopke HTR IDE
06-10-2016 14:00u A Lean Startup approach to new product development of... Ruben van den Hout MPD IDE
29-09-2016 14:00u Development of continuum robots for medical applications:... Imro Dawson BE IDE
29-09-2016 14:00u Road to renewable - How do bio-based plastics perform... Ivo ten Brinck ETD IDE
26-09-2016 13:00u Design of a game to present and test a digital application Frederick James Ramaker ABCDE IDE
19-09-2016 14:00u Designing durable product concepts that fit both the... Manon van der Meer DS IDE
13-09-2016 14:00u Designing an interactive product for people with a... Anke Sesink DS IDE
08-09-2016 14:00u The design process of a next generation long range... Ellis Wiggers MPD IDE
08-09-2016 14:00u Development of the Tauw Innovation Pyramid Milou Mulder ETD IDE
02-09-2016 14:00u Design thinking as method for organisational change Luuk Jansen MPD IDE
01-09-2016 14:00u Participatory Design: Involving Patients in the... Robin Vermeulen DS IDE
30-08-2016 14:00u The development of a platform that allows smartphone... Nora Roebers MPD IDE
30-08-2016 10:00u Development of a flexible building system for a circular... Remco van der Kolk ABCDE IDE
24-08-2016 09:00u Creating a brand platform in order to launch brand driven... Emmy Spikkert DS IDE
15-08-2016 14:00u BIM for reuse Lotte Koggel ABCDE IDE
11-08-2016 14:00u Identifying packaging environmental performance... Tim Mulder MPD IDE
26-07-2016 14:00u The development of a modular living room cabinet Ivar Kamies ETD IDE
25-07-2016 14:00u Design of a VR application for Priva Ugur Ay ABCDE IDE
25-07-2016 10:00u Design of a cybersecurity management interface for naval... Frank Frederik Brussel MPD IDE
22-07-2016 14:00u Development of an Open Innovation Model supporting small... Martin Binnema MPD IDE
20-07-2016 14:00u Assessing the appropriateness of additive manufacturing Wouter van der Haar MPD IDE
19-07-2016 14:00u Lead time reduction in a Build-to-Order process:... K.J.L. Joling MPD IDE
18-07-2016 14:00u The train station as an energy hub Mattijs Stam ETD IDE

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Concurrentieverbetering van Philips ETG door investeringen in technologie (D.R. Hilboezen)
Mechatronische features, de link tussen geometrisch modelleren en simulatie modelleren (Lucas Boelen)
Development of an Educational Virtual Application (Pim Warntjes)
Modelling power exchange between Norway and the Netherlands through the NorNed cable (Michiel van Asseldonk)
MRP, KANBAN or CONWIP? (David van den Berg)
HiPass: The design of High-performance Pick And Sort Stations (Rienk Leenstra)
The effect of linearization on the simulated output of Linear Time Varying systems (Herman Battjes)
Integration of mechatronic design domains (Koen Linssen)
The development of a 3D FEM model of the cutting of large thick-walled tubes (Thomas Romeijn)
Design of LEGO Robotics Charging Bricks (Syahrilyan N Mishar)
Productiviteitsverhoging binnen Aviko (Peter Engelen)
Push of Pull? Simulatiestudie van besturingsmethoden voor de dagcoordinator op de OK. (Sjoerd Reterink)
A function model for the What-If design method (Jan Miedema)
Design of a warehouse for a book wholesaler based on the Logistacker concept (Jan-Jeroen Boonstra)
Airway compliance (Gijs Ijpma)
Design of an ergonomically improved baggage transportation system for airports (Frank Meijer)
The causes and solution directions of microleaks in the vacuum-packaging of bended smoked sausages (rookworst) (Riemer Adema)
The Process Planning Tool, A footing for software (W.J. Scharenborg)
Design and evaluation of a generic model for FEST (Niels van den Berg)
Decision-based product development - Towards the ultimate knowledge management tool (Wim van 't Hul)
Zo lang mogelijk zelfstandig!Een onderzoek naar de mogelijkheid om met behulp van domotica ouderen langer zelfstandig te laten wonen. (Vincent Steenbrink)
Aluminium roof in a steel car body - Modelling the thermo-mechanical behaviour (Ruud Kaandorp)
Scheduling of sheet metal service parts manufacturing in an automotive environment (Rene van Helden)
Inventory planning and control of expendable spare parts (Mark Haneveld)
The design of stripping fingers to a soft rubber roll (Benne Draijer)
Review on methodical design applied to a case study (Mark Hallmann)
From Russia With Love - The integration of TRIZ into Systematic Design (Jeroen Rietjens)
Feature Recognition from Unorganised Point Clouds (Martijn Meijer)
Cord pull-out in steel reinforced thermoplastic pipes (Wendela Kruis)
Properties of artificial grass rubber infill (Jelle Miedema)
The development of an outdoor modular do-it-yourself artificial grass system (Wouter Ditters)
Effective use of a diagnosis system for train-sets (Roelof Wiegman)
Micro-punching of gold-platinum spinnerets for aramid spinning (Bert Wervers)
Trains need wheelsets (G.M.Haverkamp)
Framework for decision support on maintenance policies (Ruben Geurts van Kessel)
Operatiekamerplanning met behulp van een Master Surgical Schedule (Simone Veldhuis (S.P.M.))
Objective method for receiving the tactile properties of artificial soccer grass (Martijn van Gils)
Approach of producing 1 mm monotapes (Atte Anema)
The relation between the properties of a plastic fibre and the dynamical behaviour of a golf practice mat (Kresten van Leeuwen)
Implementing 3D laser cutting (Tom Feteris)
Multifunctioneel gebruik van voetbalstadions. (Martijn van Loon)
Design and Implementation of an Optimal Innovation Process for Grolsch N.V. (Erna Doedens)
Het elimineren van "muda" in een productieomgeving (I. Hoekstra)
Design of an Electro Magnetic Synchronized Range Shift Actuator (M. Hoving)
Het verbeteren van de prestaties van de pouch productielijn bij Masterfoods Oud-Beijerland (Sanne Kleijne)
Simulating the debonding behaviour of the cement-implant interface in cemented hip prostheses based on Finite Element Analysis (R.J.W. Loeffen)
Een generieke architectuur voor logistieke prestatie beheersing van supply chains (R.W. Leideman)
Een haalbaarheidsstudie van het Logistacker-concept binnen Centraal Boekhuis (Erik van Egmond)
CAD based haptic rendering of a mechanism's dynamic behaviour (B.N. Vernie)
Development of a selection method for the bucket wheel driving system of a reclaimer (T.W. Dekker)
Ontwerpen van een opvouwbaar reservewiel (Wouter Dijkstra)
Design, implementation and validation of a finite capacity loading system. (Paul Hentschke)
The Roadmap Development Method - A knowledge based tool to guide designers through the product development process (S. Peffer (Sanneke))
Dual Branding;<br>Managing the consequences of dual branding initiatives in product development focusing on packaging design (I. Muller (Imo))
Making knowledge manageable (Floris Goet)
Changeover optimization, rapid changeover strategy for the Tempo production lines. (W.J. Rebel)
Methods to improve the automotive factory planning process given digital product development and the complex dynamic market (Manisa Vajragupta)
Project Comfortcan: Enhancing user convenience of Grolsch beverage cans Method and design (Renske Schijvens)
Het voorkomen van plakkaatvorming onder magneetremmen (Gerben Tjeenk Willink)
Developing an East -West decision support framework (Raymond van Onzenoort)
Ontwerp van de Solution Specifier software (Robert-Jan Goorhuis)
Development of a capable joining process for present and future production of sensors at Sensata Technologies (Ronald Liefhebber)
Dynamic modeling of irradiance for product-integrated PV systems (A.Kleyn van Willigen)
the development of the Design Enterprise Tool (Rick Bolscher)
Integration between CAD and simulation (H.A.Breuker)
Preparing for the Future Landscape (Rinus Pelgrum)
Smart Design of Baggage handling systems? (Wouter Geerdes)
Coordinating material flows in the supply chain (Henk Groenewold)
Een haalbaarheidsstudie naar een geautomatiseerd orderpicksysteem binnen het centraal magazijn van Vredestein Banden B.V. (Jeroen Blok)
The virtues of trend information (Elwin Kersten)
Digital manufacturing technologies in small batch production environments (Auke van Harten)
Product Portfolio Management at SMEs in the Netherlands (Hugo Boiten)
What-if Design, A research into Feature-Based Cost Estimation (Jan Willem Kappert)
A method to generate the concept of a Bucket Wheel Excavator or reclaimer (Marcel de Bruin)
Concept development and design of a tractor frame (D.C. ten Dam)
Software voor het ontwerp van koelkanalen in een spuitgietmatrijs (G.W. te Riele)
Empty Vehicle Management in Baggage Handling Systems with Destination Coded Vehicles (Koen Wissink)
Design and application of a thermal modeling tool for electronics cooling (G.J.H.M.Brok)
De Family Shell - Ontwerp van een Neonatologie Patiëntenplek (Julia A. Garde)
A Geometry Manufacturability Analysis for the Sink-in Contour of Aluminum Extrusion Dies. (Erwin Sluiter)
Master Surgical Scheduling - The evaluation of a cycling planning approach for an orthopaedic department (Dirk Denef)
Development and implementation of a generic architecture for Smart Synthesis Tools (Maarten Röring)
Websites & Emotions: The Development of a Tool to Measure Emotions During Website Interaction (Kevin Capota)
Improvements for Nedap to fulfill customer demand with reduced inventory (Meindert ter Veer)
Development of a patent policy for Royal Grolsch NV (Anouk Driessen)
Development of a detachable battery for Sparta (Marloes Scholman)
Implementing fuel cell based power systems in agricultural vehicles (P.M. van der Veer)
Permeability modelling in Liquid Composite moulding: on the slow flow trough a regular array of cylindrical geometries (S. van den Berg)
Prognosemodel materieelbeschikbaarheid NS Reizigers (Martijn van Beek)
Modelling and design of an integrated heat pipe using printed circuit board technology (Martijn Pijpers)
Reducing the impact of Return from Line (Gerdinand Kolkman)
Systematic, conceptual re-design of a waste baler (Willem Alink)
Investeren in Sorteren? (Gerbald van Ommeren)
A design method for Latent Thermal Energy Storage (LTES) systems and applications (Hans Slag)
Building a bridge between ergonomists and designers (Renske Landman)
Design for All: HEMA keukenaccessoires (Vincent Geraedts)
Development of an envelope moistening unit (Stephan Kruisman)
Local buckling of core infused rotor blade sandwich panels (Frank Saarloos)
Wanddikteverdeling in een blow mould product (Bastiaan Holm)
Improving the New Product Development process at Ferm BV (Ruud Elders)
Push and pull production control strategies in manufacturing systems (Jurgen Bisschop)
Revitalizing dormant nostalgic brands from a packaging design perspective (Bode, J.M. (Josselin))
Scoren in de kunstgrasmarkt. Productiestrategie bij Ten Cate Thiolon. (Renze Keuning)
Optimizing a Steam Methane Reformer for Hydrogen Production Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (Maarten de Jong)
Towards a synthesis tool for baggage handling systems (Niels Nijenmanting)
Design for LED systems: How can aesthetic design be embedded in a technical innovative environment? (J.L.M. (Hans) van den Berge)
A new approach to maintainability evaluation. (Pieter-Jan Kwant)
Design of a new cooling apparatus. (Wouter de Boer)
How it works-Simulation software in foundry design (Maurits Brandt)
Creating a framework for facilitating the use of TRIZ in a codisciplinary design environment (Rogier Willem de Vries)
Basic concept decision-making for material handling systems (Robert van Haaster)
Een informatie architectuur voor mechanisch ontwerp (Krijn Woestenenk)
Design and implementation of a prototype information management system using conceptual graph storage (Max van der Tuin)
STOchiometrische klantsegmentering voor matrijsoffertes (Maarten Haagsma)
Checkout! Ontwerp van een kassa (Hiske Hemmer)
Disposable system for re-usable livers (Douma, J.W.)
Ontwerp van een Actieve Stahulp voor plafondtilsystemen (Ronald Tigchelhoff)
Zedek Stepping Stones: a tool for enhancing the generic product development process of Smurfit Kappa Zedek (Benne Draijer)
The design of a quantitative sustainability method for the assessment of industrial processes in the Netherlands. (Laurens Nordkamp)
Solving technical challenges for integration of heat pipe technology into printed circuit (Pieter Germ Nieboer)
Packaging development: improving project efficiency (Irene Rijkeboer)
Integrated Product Development of a Mobility Scooter Transporter (Rob Lenferink)
Supply reliability in yeast extract production at DSM: analysis of disturbances decreasing planning accuracy and an optimization of intermediate storage scheduling heuristics. (drs. Johan (C.J.) van Schagen)
The future use of motion capturing in virtual car design at Mercedes (R.G.J. Damgrave)
Product Design and Physical Activity: Behavioural Change (W.E. Helmich)
MIDE! Ontwerp van een digitale materiaaltool. (Klaas Michiel Praamstra)
Interior design of the brandaris cruiser 1500 and the integration of innovation (Ron van Dongen)
Delivery performance at Parts Production (Han Koning)
A Smart Synthesis Tool for the Facility Layout Design process (Harald (H.A.) Ophoff)
Interior design of the Brandaris Cruiser 1500 and the integration of innovation (Ron van Dongen)
ECODESIGN - kledingkast van gerecyclede kleding (Matthijs Pepping)
Outline, a concept for pedestrian tunnel modification (Mathijs Wullems)
Development of sunblinds for large roof systems in the automotive industry (Stephan Vervoort)
Spare parts and maintenance optimization at DSM: a reliability based system approach (Umut Ersoy)
Optimization of design of pipe tensioner (Joep van der List)
The development of a new puzzle game (Christiaan Haverslag)
Development of a new innovative product for Vacu Vin (Dhr. F. de Groot)
The Bendit - design of a flexible and modular banner display system (Sietse Goedheer)
Development of a method for the design process (Erik Hop)
Analysis of the design trajectory of a project executed for John Deere (Jochem Aarnink)
The development of a software visualisation to support the energy campaign E-Wareness (Robin de Pruyssenaere de la Woestijne)
Impact protection for the kicking back in field hockey (Pim Siahaya)
Speeltoestel tegen overgewicht (T.M.J.M. van Dooren)
Het tellen van Consumptiemunten (ontwerpen voor evenementen) (Sebastiaan Frehe)
PIAF ontwerpmethode (Rick Sebastiaan van Stralen)
The development of an Augmented Reality system in a museum (Tim Mengerink)
De Cluster Radar - de zwarte doos van samenwerkingen geopend (Jos Helming)
Uitgerust met kennis: een onderzoek naar comfort bij matrassen (Jeroen Wijnands)
Het Evaluatie-Matchboard; Het gebruiken van inzichten uit Industrieel Ontwerpen om het inzetten van evaluatie binnen Stichting Leerplanontwikkeling te verbeteren. (Suzanne Vliegen)
Laveo, een nieuwe espressomachine (Annelies Brummelman)
Designing distribution and dispenser systems for the medication roll (Martijn Claessen)
System Design of the RapidReader - A mobile communication device for Ambient Systems wireless sensor networks (J.P. Thalen)
A knowledge based approach to support product development processes - The Development of a Roadmap driven by a Behaviour Design Perspective (Winnie Dankers)
Medicine tablet dispenser (Stan Vriezenga)
A survey of the fracture toughness properties of uPVC in relation to physical ageing (Marlous Alberts)
Flexi-range (Zeno van Veen)
Design of a PV-Thermal panel - Integrated design with solar energy technology (Mieke Timmerman)
Supply chain collaboration as an inventory reduction tool (Ruud J.B. Veldhuis)
Optimisation of packet scheduling in wireless networks (Johann Huibert Schouten)
De Veenweiden eilanden; een educatieve inrichting voor bezoekerscentrum De Veenweiden (Tim Vaessen)
H2prO, design of a waterproof upper leg prosthesis (Susan Oosterhuis)
De Philips Cobra: de eerste Philips Shaver voor op reis en thuis (Haiko Jaasma)
Een toekomstverkenning van de zuivelindustrie - en de invloed daarvan op secundaire verpakkingen uit de golfkartonindustrie (Jeroen Wijnholds)
Modularity in operator console design: An explorative study on flexible design modularity (Bart Schuring)
Designing with compostable plastics (Geert Loeffen)
Eco design (of retail interiors) (H.A.J.M. van der Steen)
Innovation in garment care; the development of a garment refresher (J.C. Maljaars)
The Fuzzy Front End of Innovation at Grolsch; a case-based approach for analysis, exploration and optimization (Maira de Vreede)
Ontwikkeling van een universeel systeem voor de plaatsing en aansluiting van woonunits. (Hugo Rinsema)
Optimization methodolgy for the throughput improvement of packaging and filling lines using discrete event simulation (Bas den Uijl)
Design of an advanced robot hand for a humanoid assistant robot (Pavle Toljaga)
Relationship between flexibility on operational and strategic level in a manufacturing environment: theory building on dynamic capabilities (E.D. Ter Wijlen)
Development of an endurance road bicycle in current and future perspective (Balint Vekerdy)
Design of a packaging for water borne paints (Stephan Domburg)
the development of the global maintenance service (Reiny Zwakenberg)
Straaltechniek International B.V. - Herontwerp en waarborging van de bedrijfsstijl (Roeland Schelfhout)
Exterior Design of the Donkervoort D8GT (J.Wiersma)
Providing direction for the design of next generation products for end of life strategy. (Emmy van Winden)
Design of a hang out place for youth (Marcel Koelman)
Slagroom! De ontwikkeling van een innovatief verpakkingsconcept (Kelly Kyung Woo Wams)
Being Inspired by Biology in Product Design: A Designer`s Review of Biomimicry (Mike Westdijk)
Development of a milkshake packaging (Jan Land)
Project Buzz Tracker - Supporting system architects in the future workspace (Steven Haveman)
Firing line improvement analysis (Boris Coumou)
Relating supportability and business values for procurement of railway vehicles (C.S. Cats)
Success factors of product innovation (Christel van Dijk)
De Ecostekker: een productontwerp voor Ecofys binnen het gebied van de te verwachten ontwikkelingen in de meterkast (Johan Gude)
The Cleaning Robot Project: towards an autonomous urban litter collection robot (Rogier G. Kauw-A-Tjoe)
Making Open Innovation Work - How to effectively use Open Innovation and capture the benefits (Job van der Kolk)
A generic method to select the best solutions from a generated population (L. Gorter)
A New Approach on Empty Cart Mangement for Baggage Handling Systems (Taede Weidenaar)
Sustainable sauce packaging (Rienk Mud)
Een digitale planner voor kinderen met autisme (I. Mansour)
A Generic Framework for Representing Topologies in Computational Synthesis (K.J.W. Gebauer)
Exploring and defining the desired Visual Brand Language (Thierry Cheval)
Lighting replacement based on LEDs for commercial purposes (Gorter, T)
The concept of versatility (S.F. Drenth)
Automatic synthesis of factory layout (S.H. den Ridder)
The development process of a wheelchair (Miranda Damhuis)
The design of a mobile phone application of a remote control with integrated programme guide (Jorn Jokker)
Influencing attention using chromatic light: LED luminaire design based on perception research (Ronald Pijpstra)
Clean Dot Design, an online manual to help designers create sterile medical devices well suited for decontamination (Celine Joosten)
A tool for selecting an itempick solution by balancing the investment and operational costs (S.J. Maas)
Brand new packaging. The development of a brand and sustainable packaging for healthy snacks. (Nienke Meinders)
Hedendaagsche Bordspelen. Een studie naar de toekomst van het gezelschapsspel. (Hjalmar Haagsman)
A Sound Beam Product for Bang & Olufsen - the application of a new technology in a new market (Marianne Bos)
A tool to improve the spaghetti syndrome at intensive care and operating room (Karlijn Knol)
Het ontwerpen van een individualiseerbare werkplek voor leerlingen op het middelbaar onderwijs (Margreet Endert)
Performance monitoring of a train on slippery tracks (G.S Hoogland)
On acoustic intensity ratios and their application on sound absorption (Freek Schermers)
BrightBabyBubble: Unlock and Discover a New Playing Experience (Kim van Renswouw)
Fumbling: A new shete metal design technique (Evert Kuiper)
DualDesign - Creating Shared Understanding (Thijs Brilleman)
Product portfolio innovation: A design toolbox to adapt to changing markets (Casper Adriaan Tromp)
A maintenance management tool based on synthesis technology (T.J. Dokter)
A method for future vision development at TomTom (Florian Draisma)
An outcome-driven approach to implement the needs of customer and consumer in metal packaging innovation (Sanne Tiekstra)
Design of an urine collection system for medical home tests (Charlotte van Arragon)
New Convenience: The development a flexible beer packaging (Josse Ruiter)
The dynamics of an articulated stinger (Ruud Koomen)
Premiumisation in the on-trade (H Kienhuis)
Heat Transfer of Continuous Tape Winding (Sebastiaan Weij)
The consumer-centric fashion store: the design of new store interactions to improve consumer-centricness Mexx stores (Olivier Vos)
Experimental and numerical investigations on coining stainless steel (S.J. Grobbink)
Designing the external logistic infrastructure for a large retail organization (A. Yacoub)
The experience of interaction: a user-driven approach to human-power products (Annemiek van de Grint)
Computational synthesis in the design of food production lines (D.N.J. Breuker)
Ontwerp van een speelomgeving voor kinderen van 0 tot 6 jaar. (Marloes Everlo)
Finding the Diamonds: Creating an innovation model for selecting the most promising projects for the Corporate Technology department of Royal TenCate (Martin Olde Weghuis)
Methodological Design of an Optimal Postoperative Wound Drainage Method (Bart Pater)
Intelligent Packaging - Applying methodical innovation in the pharmaceutical industry (Nienke Peeters)
Automated Double Cantilever Beam test system (Jeroen van de Zand)
An urban and architectural design that supports urban revitalization of Heijplaat (Rotterdam) (Hedde Bosma)
Development of a FE simulation predicting the failure of an osteoporotic bone. (Tjitze van der Velde)
Identification of stiffness and damping parameters in air lubricated foil bearings (Mark van Maanen)
Sustainability in packaging development (Judith van Voorthuizen)
Acoustic source localization techniques and their application to a humanoid robot (Jorik Klein)
Numerical simulation of active flow control on airfoils (J.M. Tomas)
Travellers experience in a lightrail vehicle (Mette Klaversma)
Collection mechanism and mechanical framework of an autonomous cleaning robot to collect urban litter (Ruben Nahuis)
De toekomst van lean warehousing (Jelmer Sminia)
Virtual testing of full scale aircraft structural components (W. Hoekstra)
Modeling and Design of an Underactuated Robotic Finger. (Robert Alink)
The design of a tool to improve communication in an advertising agency (Lieke van Gorp)
The Passenger Perspective: Integral design approach for the development of Small Railway Stations (Herman Weeda)
Development of an integrated design strategy for chip layout optimization (N.T.P. Albers)
The new Heineken fridge: a redesign to enhance the Heineken brand experience (Stephan Brandenburg)
Design of a control strategy for the LOPES gait training robot for treatment of severely affected neurological patients (H.J.Rosier)
Dynamics of viscoelastically damped high speed micro rotors (Wybren Kuindersma)
SHOTS, the way to packaging innovation (Bas Smilde)
The optimization of a gas lubricated piston design (Marco Vernooij)
Frequency Response Analysis - Optimizing Complex Finite Element Models (GJ Braam)
Laser generated 3D textures for thin film solar cells (M.J. Workum)
The development of a membrane characterization tool (Jonathan Bennink)
The final picture, a warehouse redesign (Mark Proper)
The design of a modular segmented rear light family for bicycles of Royal Dutch Gazelle (Marten Kraaijvanger)
Performance analysis of thin film solar cells onboard the Delfi-C3 (Tomas Jansen)
Exterior design of the new Avions Voisin A-JT: an automobile created out of single curved surfaces (Oliver Davina)
Het tegendraads ontwerp: productbeleving en betekenisgeving bij mobiele telefoons (Sander Sloot)
Thermal Bone Necrosis and Femoral Cementing Techniques in Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty (P. Srinivasan)
Unruly design: the evaluation of a product design method based on a particular design history (Jan Willem Peters)
Tactical inventory and capacity management at a manufacturing organization (Wienik Mulder)
Experimental determination of plastic dissipation using an infrared camera (Hans Wennemers)
Frangibility of composite Instrument Landing System glide slope towers - Material modelling for high-speed impact analysis (F.J. de Ruiter)
Feasibility study on metal forming knowledge automation for FE simulation pre-processing (Ranko Toljaga)
The next generation Heinz Tomato Ketchup packaging (Leon Oudehand)
Lean Bouwen - gezamenlijk bouwen naar het hoog(s)te punt (Daan van Norel)
Modeling and validation of a MEMS-based thermal position sensor (Johannes Willem van Dijk)
Improvement of the crashworthiness of SEAT´s car models in the area of pedestrian hip protection (Henrico Puttenstein)
Duurzaamheid & Industrieel Ontwerpen: mogelijkheden voor de industrieel ontwerper om een bijdrage te leveren aan duurzaamheid (Wilco Prinsen)
Workflow modeling for business process automation (Jelte Nijholt)
Clean Living: Future Concepts for Philips Home Living (Dennis de Beurs)
An assessment of the noise from wind turbines due to the inflow of turbulence (Freek Graafland)
De ontwikkeling van een flessenwarmer voor de S-fles: van analyse tot massaproductieklaar product (Jennifer Heezen)
Producing a Low Cost Universal Vacuum Release Mechanism Applicable to All Types of Metal Vacuum Closures (Lenneke Koopmans)
Emotion and packaging, Development of Mars packaging design brief toolbox (Anneke Bakker)
Implementation of Inkjet Printing in Emerging Textile based Smart applications (Unai Balda Irurzun)
A study on the thermal effects on the pressure in aluminium extrusion dies. (Alex Sluijs)
The making of UT Heroes: Methods to create engaging & purposeful documentaries (Cor Heeres)
Richtlijnen voor de ontwikkeling van anti-decubitus producten voor rolstoelgebruikers (Ryelle de Wit)
Improvement of ergonomic aspects of the CityEL (J.E. Fleer)
Finite Element Modelling of Woven Fabrics (Wouter in het Veld)
Thermoacoustic stability analysis of the premixed flame in a compact condensing appliance. (S. A. Reijke)
Innoveren in Reel Winches (Paul van Ettinger)
Analysis and MIMO control of a 6 DOFs precision manipulator (Sytze Auke Spijksma)
Portfolio management of Lune (Alske Jonker)
The practice and context of electric car design (Josja Kneefel)
Climbing mountains: initiating organisational change by means of a roadmap design (Wieke Oudhuis)
Performance study on reducing tyre/road noise by means of acoustic resonators (Remco Brantjes)
Slotting strategies: an introduction, application and comparison (Stefan Oldewarris)
Sustainability assessment of climate system design alternatives for trains (Arno Kok)
Tribological behavior of reinforced polyamide sliding against steel and aluminum (Wilco Bongers)
Tactile Experience: An Affective Framework for Packaging Design (Martijn Bos)
Design of an automated system for heat pipe filling and sealing (Harm Jan ten Hoeve)
Improving bathing experience for Villeroy & Boch Wellness (Bianca Biemans)
The restyling of PV modules by modified screen printed front contact patterns (Michael Thung)
Design of a system to improve the social connectedness of elderly (Martijn Kranen)
Conceptual design of an automated system for silo discharge and ship loading at AkzoNobel (Mark Prins)
Practical Sustainability: A method for the development of usable and fitting sustainability solutions. (Hans Appelhof)
The redesign of a glass-front vending machine (Bjorn Maatman)
Testing and optimizing the Intelligent Storage System (ISS) and comparison with competing automated case picking systems through simulation (Terence Duinkerken)
Supporting concurrent development of products and packaging using information management as facilitator. (Jos de Lange)
Design of a fibre rope traction winch (Pieter Stammeijer)
Sustainable Aesthetics: identifying attributes of a sustainable appearance for Philips Consumer Lifestyle products. (Sjoukje Groen)
The estimation of absolute segment orientation by using kinematic coupling (Gerben Plijter)
User centred design approach to implement a multi-user touch screen at Industrial Design (Annika van Uitert)
Contact methods for finite element modeling (G.T. Havinga)
The feasibility and design of a piezoelectric energy harvester for civil applications (Sybren Jansma)
The development of a reproducible in-plane permeability meter using vacuum assisted resin infusion (Steven Krist)
Innovation management at Smurfit Kappa Corrugated Benelux (Marijke Enserink)
Synthesis method based on elastic potential for large deflection building blocks in compliant mechanisms (Vaandrager, Jan Willem)
duurzame verlichting voor het nieuwe werken (wout zweers)
Study and implementation of a refinement procedure for an Adaptive Smoothed Finite Element Method (M. Dekker)
The elaboration of a transportable, eco-friendly and off-the-grid tourist accommodation concept to a viable design (Renske Herder)
Method for using product modularity to support the management of product variation (Gertjan Endeman)
Experience-gedreven ontwikkeling van tuinverlichting (Tycho Hartman)
Auralization based on simulation (Eelco Bachet)
Roller box loads on the Solitaire stinger (Jos Haarman)
Taking the right path; creating a descriptive method that supports future packaging developments. (Sjors Crusius)
Pulsed Compression Technology - Experiments and Simulations with a Single Shot Reactor (Bart Custers)
Investigation in the swing motion of a load for an offshore crane (David Werkman)
Developing a user-friendly interface for a combined oven, steamer and microwave (
Numerical analysis of the sheet metal forming by rubber-membrane bulge pressing (Hielke Kortschot)
Extended Finite Element Method for modelling fatigue crack propagation (Bert Mokken)
Damping characteristics of the Solitaire stinger (Eelke de Vries)
Fluid Flow Analysis Model In Bone Tissue Engineering Scaffold (Mussie Mengisteab Kesete)
Heat generation during plastic flow: an experimental investigation (Rob Miedema)
Improving the planning and control of deliveries to a large Malaysian car manufacturer (Klaas Stunnenberg)
Flame Soot Sampling System for an Ultra-Rich Combustion Setup - Design and Experimental Validation (Anne de Jong)
The Serious Gaming Experience; the design of a promotional game for T-Xchange (Rik Bos)
Redesign of the Lopes knee attachment (Peter Meelis)
Feedback control of an active dynamic balancer (Pieter de Jong)
Needle and Soft-Tissue Simulant Interactions: Experimental Design and Observations (Youri van Veen)
Development of a product roadmap; how to prioritise product development and cope with future uncertainties (Richard Jong)
Modelling the friction induced behaviour of a compliant guidewire in a guiding tube (Marieke Krijnen)
Heat transfer characteristics of biomass gasification in supercritical water (Joost Sallevelt)
Output optimalisatie van robotcellen (Jan Hekman)
Design and evaluation of a 2-DOF large stroke stage with elastic elements (K.G.P. Folkersma)
Analysis of a Coriolis Mass Flow Meter to reduce influence of external disturbances (Bert van de Ridder)
Packaging innovation, the area of tension between packaging, production and organisation (Janneke Buurman)
Enriched Expression of Smart Materials in Consumer Products (Arnout de Bruijn)
Creating exceptional opportunities that drive successful innovation; focus on consumer driven ideation methods (Marijn Molenaar)
CityEL Redesign (Christiaan Versteegh)
Aerodynamic Gas Lubrication and Power Losses for Power Pistons (Johan Rikkert)
Optimising Shelf Ready Packaging Designs; Development of Design Guidelines to Improve the In-store Performance of Shelf Ready Packaging Solutions (Bram Vernhout)
Gravity balancing with rubber and an application in a back support mechanism (Albert Haan)
Design of a compliant BioMEMS gripper for mechanical characterization of biological cells (R. Dieterman)
Towards a more realistic prediction of peri- prosthetic micromotions (Bas van der Ploeg)
Skoffer, a new way of traveling (Ronald van den Akker)
Modeling of a linear moving magnet alternator for use with cogeneration (Danny Leerkes)
Modelling the dynamic structural mechanical behavior of lumbar motion segments. (Jeroen Benjamins)
Optimizing Microphone Arrays (Anne Minnema)
Demonstration of a new method for in situ measurement of sound transmission loss (Ineke van Rij)
Finding the way through heaps of knowledge (Renée Klazinga)
A new method for sound visualization (Y.J. van Straalen)
Redesign of the BonGo electric freight tricycle for business applications (Etienne Kerkhoffs)
Utilizing new 3d visual technologies (Peter Leppers)
Social Serious Gaming - Sao Paulo's Plastic Soup (Ning Xu)
Towards Self Healing Materials: Healing Damage in Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Products (Adriaan Goossens)
Redesign of the little red car (Rick Schotman)
Impact analysis of composite Instrument Landing System glide slope towers (Jeff Diekmeijer)
Strategic alliance management model; enhancing chances of successful collaboration (Robin Steinebach)
Nesting of 3D Complex Shaped Objects (Tom Faneker)
Multiscale analysis in composite microstructures (John Groenheijde)
Feedback control design on one-dimensional and three-dimensional hard mount vibration isolation setups (Hieu Trinh)
Commercial mosquito trap for indoor use (Geeske Berga)
Dynamic influences in cold forming shaving caps (M.K.A. Veldhuis)
An implementation of parachute behavior in a multibody dynamic simulation environment (Mathieu Robroek)
Applying Virtual Reality for Participatory Design: supporting end-users in the design process of an endoscopic operating theatre (Sanne-Marye Huijing)
Ultra Clima: A Corridor Implementation (V.M. Kickert)
Sound Advice: improving acoustical knowledge and insight at Benchmark Electronics (Philip Emmens)
Thermal management of lithium-ion batteries through the application of micro-encapsulated phase change materials (van Ginneken, L R E)
Optimizing the material supply to a multi-model assembly line (Thomas van de Kracht)
A simulation study of an autonomous vehicle storage and retrieval system (Marcel Ploeg)
Biocomposites for consumer products: Materials, production and design guidelines (Frank Willem Kloppenburg)
Design of therapeutic TagTile games for children with unilateral spastic cerebral paresis. (Robby van Delden)
Selection and application of a process improvement method (Jan Willem Valk)
Finite element modelling of the 3D Cartesian braiding process (Lambert Russcher)
Increasing Effectiveness of Online Marketing by Implementing Offline tracking (Luuk Noordhoff)
Knowledge structurizing and simulation modeling for product developing towards next generation slim iron (Xin Liu)
The Message-board system, a product to influence the social interaction within cohousing communities for elderly (Rick van der Heemst)
3D Modeling and simulation of a moment exchange unicycle robot (Sietse Langius)
Crash simulation considering geometric uncertainty (Jaap Horenberg)
Developing a guideline to assess AR/VR technology for use in distributed conceptual design (Ewald Maas)
Atomization, miscibility and combustibility of pyrolysis oil for application in a gas turbine (Renate Pander)
Design of therapeutic TagTile games for children with unilateral spastic cerebral paresis. (Robby van Delden)
A new Lightrail experience: Exterior designs focussed on the user and its urban environment (Remco Mooren)
Detection of train wheel bearing defects by acoustic Beamforming (Peter van Vuuren)
Experimental investigation of resonant turbulence in a low-swirl combustor (R.C. Pos)
Guiding the Construction Industry towards more Sustainable Building: Working towards a clear model for IDF Building Criteria (Stefan Binnemars)
The feasibility of picosecond pulsed laser created surface modifications for self-alignment (Mark Jorritsma)
Development of a sustainability strategy for food packaging of Fair Trade Original (Nina Tuinte)
The conscious and unconscious preference of consumers: setting up packaging design research. (Petra Barelds)
Product Evolution: On the Origin of Artefacts (Niels Korteling)
Scenario based technology forecasting for mobility scooters (Pim de Kok)
Crash relevant material characterisation of non-reinforced polymers to be validated on the crashworthiness research of a door panel. (M.R. van Gerrevink)
Generating maintenance plans based on historical data: guidelines for a systematic and pragmatic approach (Eddy de Haas)
Moving forward. Improving the process, scheduling and shop floor-control of a Scania-workshop. (Kirsten Zuidam)
Recuperation in a uCHP appliance (Joris Oosterhuis)
The Ralker: redefining elderly mobility (Niek Rompelman)
The development of Small Unit Immersive Trainer (SUIT) (Marin Jonkman)
Force dependent six DOF knee model for The AnyBody Modeling System (Erik Dijkstra)
Measuring Friction at Human Skin (Tim Wolda)
A fast converging adaptive algorithm for active noise control of non-stationary sources (Sjoerd van Ophem)
Development of an application to acquire optimal secondary packaging design specifications (Sander Nieuwboer)
Modeling and Control of a powered upper extremity exoskeleton: Limpact project (H.C.Voort)
Shape effect of ceria in Pt/ ceria catalysts for CO oxidation and the water gas shift reaction (Darren Coughlan)
How can the comfort of a new design for a headphone be predicted and tested in an early stage of the development process. (Rik de Konink)
System design of a roaming shuttle system for storage and retrieval (Rens Gehling)
Improved Grasp Robustness through Variable Transmission Ratios in Underactuated Fingers (Stefan Spanjer)
Brand Conscious Innovating (Yusuf Kilic)
Knock prediction in gas-fired reciprocating engines (Alex Trijselaar)
Discrete-event simulation in shipbuilding (Teun Plegt)
Improving a truck cabin tilt cylinder production line (Jilt Wiersma)
The development of a flexible building system in a competitive market (Mark Boswerger)
Design of a joint lock for prosthetic fingers (Gert Jan Pieterse)
Modeling the graphic language of products - Designing for Brand Recognition (Ing. M. Mulder-Nijkamp)
CFD modeling of an ethanol spray flame under HiTAC conditions (Arjan van de Wolfshaar)
E-Mobility Manager - Planning and communication system for local EV-based mobility services (Thomas-Jan Friso)
Analysis of Friction with an Adaptive Smoothed Finite Element Method (Jeroen Brouwers)
A method to enable the company APPE to discover, develop and evaluate new opportunities to be innovative. (Anne van den Hurk)
Study on reducing traffic noise radiation by means of acoustic resonators (Onno de Boer)
Designing an Intelligent Flexible Automated Manufacturing Environment (M.S. Essers)
Design, production, testing and modeling of air foil bearings (J.H. Kevelam)
Energy Harvesting With Piezoelectric material (Roel Huinink)
Advanced electric vehicle for mobility service for elderly (Frank Scholder)
From Job Shop to Mass Production: Redesigning the Product Development Process (Sebastian Kettler)
A transitional shelter solution for the Netherlands (Lasse Licht)
Standardizing the Development Process of a Production Plant at ALT Technologies (Ivo Stammis)
The use of consumer experience in packaging validation - the improvement of a NBD model (Marit Lintsen)
An experimental investigation into the influence of cutting edge quality on the hole expansion capacity (Mark Sligman)
A cable-driven manipulator for the interaction with large surfaces (Kevin Voss)
Design and engineering of a multifunctional garden machine. (Henri Schol)
Integral foam concrete - The production process and design of a sound barrier (Koen Hermsen)
Methane production from biomass under pyrolysis conditions-pyrogasification (Wouter Klunder)
Bicyle of the future (Bernd H. H. Worm)
Development of a Cross Selling Tool (Ivo Kothman)
Monitoring Based Maintenance - Application of Usage Parameters (Reinier Moonen)
Design and validation of the 2 MW multi-fuel Flex-burner gas turbine combustor (M.F.A. ter Haar)
LivingBox, the development of a smart living unit (Anke Renkens)
Exploring superconducting materials for future fusion magnets (Wietse Offringa)
Design of an aroma diffuser for the B2C market (Derk Reilink)
Automation of the cleaning process for SLS products at 3D Worknet (Bayram Ergul)
Calculation model of fine-wire heat exchanger (J.P. Bonestroo)
Towards a design tool for a sustainable shock absorbing material (Ellen Sprenkeling)
The development of a framework for Amikasa (Nienke Kea)
Batch Size Decisions in the DAF Supply Chain (Mike Grolleman)
Design of a sustainable public lighting system for use in the Netherlands (Wilco Wittenberg)
Sustainable packaging; developing a more sustainable packaging for cheese (Ellen Oude Luttikhuis)
Development of an interactive tool to assist snack kitchen teams in their work (Michiel Henning)
Design and realization of the body work of the Trigger 2, a scooter car (Gerwin Veurink)
Describing the architecture of the Thales TACTICOS system using A3 Architecture Overviews. (Rien Kooistra)
Controlling the swing motion of a load for an offshore crane (Zeb Dix)
Design of a new diaper waste service and product (Hendri Erkel)
The search for a digestate processing plant, to give value to a waste product (Menno Groenveld)
Simulation of interlaminar bonding in automated tape placement (Tjalling Stelma)
Design of an abrasion strip and replaceable actuators for a complex rubber system (Bart Oude Luttikhuis)
Green Gas: Current Situation and Outlook for the Netherlands, Germany and the UK (Alexander Louwes)
Tuning the self-excited thermo-acoustic oscillations of a gas turbine combustor to Limit Cycle Operations by means of numerical analysis. (Evren Ozcan)
Intelligent Empathetic and Personalised feedback Generation Algorithm for Motivating Physical Activity in COPD Patients (Laura S. Moualed)
Generating Design for Recyclability guidelines (Harm Peters)
Handling material scatter in robust optimization of forming processes (Rudi Littelink)
Constraint based fracture mechanics approach for high strength steel toughness approval in Pieter Scheltes Jacket Lift System (Aard Duivenvoorden)
Controlled combustion in a gas-fired boiler based on ionization signal (Gijs Olde Loohuis)
Efficient Manufacturing of a Feadship Yachts Mast (Meine Cnossen)
The next generation Karvan Cevitam packaging - Introducing consumer insights into packaging development. (Manon de Beer)
Model Order Reduction of Non-Linear Flexible Multibody Systems within the framework of SPACAR (Derk ten Hoopen)
A four-DOF balanced neck mechanism for a humanoid head (Peter Brinkhuis)
Extending an Advanced Friction Model for Sheet Metal Forming (M.F.C. Bruinja)
A method for the assessment of product architecture at an early stage (Ellen Meijer)
Validation of the modified Lemaitre Continuum Damage Mechanics model with experiments at different triaxialities. (Floris de Ruiter)
PV Diamond project; Improving the application of PV modules on double curved building envelopes (André Beens)
Apply developement techniques to expand and innovate the range of products and markets of Cricket lighters. (Ronald van Galen)
The design of a construction kit for a new outdoor toy. (Matthias Korber)
Performance Optimization of Large Stroke Spatial Flexure Hinges (Hedzer Wiersma)
Design of a dynamic knee simulator (Freark van der Kooi)
Design decision making in packaging development (Stefanie Groot)
The future of mobile products starts here (Niels Hoogendoorn)
Differentiating structural packaging design for an international target group (Danielle van den Akker)
Motion capturing in Product Development - When is there added value for motion capturing in the design process? (Nick Leone)
Citybox 2.0; researching and redesigning the experience of a soccer court. (Martine Blom)
WindUp - A mechanism that tightens an, in circumference adjustable, transfemoral socket (Marleen Germs)
SNG production from biomass gasification in a direct gasifier (Melvin Elizen)
Design of an industrial pre-combustion carbon capture module for ceramic membranes. (Ruud Meulenbroek)
Design of a statically balanced fully compliant grasper using the rigid body replacement method (Toon Lamers)
Micro coining AISI-410 by means of flexible backing material (Jelmer van Vilsteren)
A subject specific material model for human knee ligaments (Thom Bitter)
Experiments and prediction of the spreading behavior of fibrous tows by means of the Discrete Element Method (Amir Ahmad Bakhtiary Davijani)
How to efficiently predict floating vessel response to non-periodic excitations (Jeroen Hutten)
Industrialization of a non-fusion scoliosis correction system (Jochem Wiggers)
Development of polypropylene/carbon nano fiber composite yarn and modelling of its mechanical properties (Desmond Meijer)
Selection of fire safe materials (Mick Pas)
CupCollector: a green waste solution (Elias van Hoek)
Next generation consumer bed - The bed of the future is never finished. (B.A.J.H. Abbink)
Open source powder substrate rapid prototyping machine for ceramic membranes (Alex Budding)
Development of an innovative product line of mobile cases. (Lydia Janssen)
Prototyping of a Lightfield Display (Frank van Steeden)
Design of an additive manufactured micropump assembly for space applications (Sander Weitkamp)
Research and development of a new production process for fibre reinforced silicon solar PV modules (Javier Antonio Moran Morales)
Improving software assistance for design engineers by integrating mathematical and function modeling (Hans Bakker)
Creation of a Consumer Factbook for table grills, focussed on the French market (A.C.Vis)
From Wedgie to Recliner: An Integral Feasibility Study Concerning the Realization of an Adaptable Electric Bicycle to Both Upright and Recumbent Positions (F. A. Doppenberg)
The World behind the Marketing of Sustainability in Consumer Products and Produce (Daniel Poolen)
Experimental Investigation and CFD Modeling of Reversed Biomass Combustion on a Grate (Getachew M.Derese)
Dynamic behavior of a deep drawing tool at higher production speeds & Performance of Hill and Barlat in predicting anisotropic ears in drawn cups (Jan Siegersma)
Stairlift interface redesign: Improving user interaction (Bart van Diepen)
Hybrid Design Tools: A Novel Approach to Intuitive HCI (Leendert Johannes Verduijn)
Men, Machines & Food (Jeroen van den Bosch)
Multi-sensor Control in Active Vibration Isolation (Michiel Beijen)
Improve the production process and install benchmarks to visualize the performance in the context of reaching World Class Performance (Lisa Stoeldraijer)
Process design and economics of a roadside grass based bio-ethanol plant (Willem Brus)
Modeling asphalt with discrete and continuum methods (Tom Ormel)
Designing Brand Spaces (Pien ten Voorde)
Penetration Depth Control using an Optical Spectroscopic Sensor in Nd:YAG Laser Welding (Jetro Pocorni)
Design and Implementation of force controller for Philips Experimental Robot Arm (Walelign Messele Nikshi)
The water footprint of microalgal biofuels (Gerben Jan de Vries)
Strategies to improve the sustainable product development in a corporate environment - A case study at Oce technologies N.V (Ivar Engel)
Bending characterisation of unidirectional reinforced thermoplastic melts (Christiaan ten Hove)
The Influence of Fibre Content on Transverse Strength of Wind Turbine Blade FRP (R. Gerritsen)
An inverse method for determination of material parameters at large strains (Jan Galema)
Costs reduction of the realization of fiberglass networks (Niels Cornelissen)
Improving the sustainability of existing office buildings. (Natalie Prinsen)
Encapsulation of a-Si/uc-Si and CIGS solar modules: comparing ionomer and EVA encapsulants by damp heat and thermal cycling tests (Jelmer Woudstra)
Analyse en modellering van de vervorming en het faalgedrag van polyestervezel-versterkte 'reinforced thermoplastic pipe' (I.B. Suss)
Enhanced Failure Modelling of Human Femur (Dany Audish)
Optimization and Control of a MEMS based large stroke three DOF Precision Stage (Koen Swinkels)
Design and evaluation of a 3-DOF spherical parallel mechanism for domestic robot arms (Arjan Westerhuis)
Numerical modeling of reversed layer combustion (Raymond Coenders)
Decoupled MIMO control (Rutger de Boef)
Design of a charging product for electric vehicles (Mark Visbeek)
Development of a semi-automatic baggage handling solution (Ruud van Dongen)
Optimization models for stockpile resource allocation during a pandemic influenza outbreak (Wouter Achterberg)
Usability extrapolation for a wearable advanced medical device (Mark Grob)
The development of a prediction model and an experimental setup to investigate limit cycle fatigue (Niek te Morsche)
Developing a model to predict void growth during a tape laying process (Eelco van Ruiten)
Roadmap to Sustainable Construction (Arjan Wiggelinkhuizen)
Feasibility study of Cup to Cup recycling (Loek Waegemaekers)
Tactile comfort of surfaces with a lotus structure (Els Kemper)
Innovation of the Field Hockey Stick (Maike van Doorn)
Optimization of composite panels (Peter ter Braak)
Stay informed at Schiphol (Martijn Zwart)
Improving designers efficiency at the NEM (Arjan Pek)
The Pontas: a New Lower Leg Prosthesis for a Mobile Workshop in Indonesia (Bob Giesberts)
New metrics for quantifying the shaking force unbalance, applied to a 2-DOF parallel manipulator (Wilco Benthem)
The System Design Communications Tool: supporting interactive A3 Architecture Overviews (Marcel Melching)
User centred design of new individual mobility devices (Pieta van der Molen)
Performance Improvements for the Intelligent Stacking Center (ISC) (Max Ebskamp)
Sustainable Packaging (Sanne Eilering)
Roller Coaster Dynamics (Jurnan Schilder)
Sustainable Design - Exploring outside traditional product boundaries: A methodology for mapping product relations (Stefan Bolding)
Facade Renovation of Galery Dwellings in Occupied State; Insights into a More Sustainable and Industrial Approach of Housing Renovations (Guus Rammeloo)
Creating the next step in Electronic Sow Feeding (Mark Koenderink)
Hardness-dependent plasticity and fracture modeling of hot-formed steel for crash simulation. (Tom Eller)
Development of a strategy and method for dealing with sustainability and legislation in packaging for C1000 (Eline Kolk)
Towards sustainable packaging (Erik Lentink)
Exploring the complexity of the automotive development process from theory into practice of the Canta2-project (Oscar ter Bogt)
Modeling tire-road contact of a bicycle tire (Jeroen Wijlens)
Vibration Based Structural Health Monitoring (Frank Schiphorst)
Oxidation behaviour of the flame ionisation sensor utilised in fuel quality adaptive heating appliances (Arjen Hiemstra)
Design for Disassembly as a method to increase the sustainability of offshore accommodations (Rick Fikkert)
Modal Measurements and Model Corrections of a Large Stroke Compliant Mechanism (Willem Wijma)
Feasibility Study of Superconducting Magnetic Bearings for Flywheel Energy Storage (Robin Morren)
Development of an environmentally friendly packaging for medical liquids (Kim Stemkens)
Optimalisatie van het kaasverpakkingsproces door gebruik te maken van de Lean Manufacturing filosofie (Mariska Vos)
Modeling approach of printed circuit board bow in relation to manufacturing process based on laminate theory (G.A.Schuerink)
Numerical simulation of sound emission from complexly shaped shooting ranges (Bas Binnerts)
Concept design of an outstanding, temporary unit building for several market segments (Carmen Addink)
Tactility of Stainless Steel (Rob Geertshuis)
Tactility of Stainless Steel (Rob Geertshuis)
Advances in Pulsed Compression Technology (Sander Roosjen)
Design and styling of automotive roof systems (Rik Theunissen)
Cradle to Cradle Toolbox for Royal Auping (Paul Oteman)
Design and numerical validation of a mild-combustor to reduce the soot formation at partial oxidation of natural gas. (Maarten Holtkamp)
Investigation of the potential for a smart thermostat to reduce energy consumption of a domestic hybrid heating system (Klaas Bootsma)
Development and Design of a Railway Compliant RFID Reader. (Tom Hilgerink)
Between IT development and IT operations - The development of a methodology to improve the alignment between IT development and IT operations at de Rechtspraak/spir-it (Isabelle Couturier)
Ontwerpen voor zorgbehoevende ouderen m.b.v. een ziektebelevingsmodel (Martijn van Heteren)
Development of the next generation wristband seal machines (Sebastian Yap)
Friction increasing surface treatments (J.A.J. te Boveldt)
The contribution of nanoscale surface features on the wetting properties of laser generated super hydrophobic surfaces (R.M. Meulekamp)
Design of a self oscillating pump driven by thermal heat (Mark Slomp)
Fractal grid generated turbulence in the low swirl burner (Thijs Bouten)
App development (Niels de Pagter)
Explaining the basics of CE marking for medical devices: a tool for designers and manufacturers (Fenna Janssen)
Robust flame parametrisation using image processing on PLIF experiments (Willem Jansen)
Determination of the stiffness and damping parameters of Air Foil Bearings (Douwe Attema)
Development of the Partnership Decision Support Tool (Emma Ligtenbelt)
The construction of a Technology Roadmap for strategic development, focussed on food packaging and products (Marieke Brouwer)
Envisioning a new Knowledge Management Strategy (Luuc Heutinck)
The model and design of a thermoacoustic traveling wave heat engine and its experimental validation (Jeroen Wilmink)
The Design of a Spoolbase for a Safe and Controlled Spooling Process (Wes Vendrig)
Risk Analysis of Swimming Pool Water Circulation Systems - Developing safety measures and design requirements to exclude entrapment risk (J.P. Avezaat)
Superelement modeling of offshore wind turbine support structures - application to monopile based structures (Roel Engels)
Dynamic Modeling and Optimization of One-way Clutches (Niels Kuipers)
Enhancing heat transfer through surface modification using carbon nanostructures (Bas van Laar)
Designing and testing of a new spiral combustion reactor for solid fuels. (Frans Bos)
The design of a customer counter for retail (Erwin ten Velde)
Design and implementation of a decision support tool for scheduling maintenance activities (Douwe Gorter)
Closure laws for granular, shallow-layer, bi-dispersed, segregated flows down an inclined chute (Ate te Voortwis)
Non Destructive Testing using Power Absorption (Matthijs Oomen)
Accounting for material scatter in sheet metal forming processes: a demonstrator project. (Rolf van der Velde)
Liberalisation and wind energy adoption in Europe (Stijn van Ewijk)
Exploring the brand stretch of Royal VKB (Jasper Vrolijk)
History dependen friction model for sheet metal forming (Ruben Bosman)
Design and optimization of a vacuum compatible 2-DOF flexure based precision manipulator for high stiffness and eigenfrequencies (Klaas-Jan Gunnink)
The design of a product that makes shopping with a smartphone in Albert Heijn more convenient (Jeroen van der Weide)
Exploring customization for electric scooters (Bas Korfage)
Het herontwerpen van de Anthuriumverpakking van FloraHolland (Ellen Reijners)
Design of a self-aligning 3-DOF actuated exoskeleton for diagnosis and training of wrist and forearm after stroke (Beekhuis, J.H.)
Brittle fracture assessment of pressure containing metallic parts based on fracture mechanics techniques (M. Tagnaouti)
Development of a highly loaded insert for connecting a seat to a CFRP-sandwich-structure manufactured by RTM (Reinier ter Welle)
Development and implementation of a stage gate based design method with accopanying project management tools for a small product design, development, and realization agency. (Donald Merks)
Improving the implementation of sustainable objectives in project-based organisations in the design and construction industry (Frank Westmijze)
Improving the road traffic noise shielding of berms by means of design optimization and the addition of ridges (Guido Straathof)
Design and development of a wind tunnel mounting for a smart blade section (Ruben de Boer)
The development of an accommodation in a self-care residence for frail elderly, aimed at fall prevention (Charlotte Boelens)
Development of design guidelines for Nedap Library Solutions, by conducting a redesign of the staff reader. (Erik Veurman)
Biogastransportroutes in Twente (Arjen Pille)
A novel thermo-mechanical process for the production of biofuels from microalgae (Johan Hams)
Product development for two future work styles: Office-based work and Mobile Virtual Work (Albert Al-shorachi)
Dynamic force balancing in a pick and place manipulator with variable payload (Erwin Elkink)
Modeling and control of a large-span redundant 3 DOF cable robot (Amber Emmens)
Development of an airless dispense packaging, to prolong the shelf life of food products after opening. (Fernand de Wolf)
Modelling and validation of cable structures including pulleys, surfaces and trusses, with application to a Cable Driven Parallel Manipulator (Jurjen Zwijnenburg)
Modelling & Attenuation of Cable Schlepp Disturbances on the Wafer Stage of a Lithography Machine (Meinko Hoogerkamp)
Diminishing oxygen mask induced nasal discomfort for F-16 pilots (Frederiek de Vette)
Development of a tool to support packaging developers in integrating sustainability aspects into their development process (Jennifer Bijkerk)
Development of a synthesis method for shape branding (Youp van Asperen)
Application of a quadcopter for information gathering and provision in the field of crowd control (Gea Bloemhof)
Computational Design Synthesis for single pressure heat recovery steam generators. (Henk-Jan van den Hoorn)
The redesign and development of the Canta2 front-end body (Siebe Golbach)
Crack initiation and propagation by inclusions in stainless steel 17-4 PH (T.J. Roethof)
Investigating the economic and environmental performance of biogas utilization in The Netherlands through development of a decision support tool. (Thijs Nijenhuis)
Time-Domain Impedance Boundary Conditions in Computational Fluid Dynamics for use in Thermoacoustic Modeling (Bart van der Poel)
Using char as a catalyst for tar reduction in the production process of DME from biomass (Machiel Plat)
Designing the gCar 3.0 (Richard van Schouwenburg)
Say Cheese! - The exploration of an organically-based material for (food) packaging applications. (Anouk Dantuma)
The development of a method for active and/or intelligent packaging based on a case study to an active packaging for roses. (Majorie Bussink)
Ductile fracture modeling of high strength steel (M.J. Smit)
Experimental study on fast pyrolysis oil blends and its primary kinetics of catalytic conversion. (Gerwin Schimmel)
Development of a tool to predict the transient behaviour of a combination boiler (G.W.J. Strijdveen)
Development of an artificial hair and skin prototype for evaluating shaving performance (Martín Daniel Gutiérrez Martínez)
Numerical simulation of bioliquid fuels combustion (Riza Yukananto)
Fouling of Ceramic Membranes during Oil/Water Filtration: A Numerical and Experimental Study (Thomas van der Meer)
The design of Nedap`s Luxon Retail Luminaire (Jeroen Smit)
Development of a decision support model for building design: based on the Cradle to Cradle principles and the building Villa Flora (Andrea Herrera Jaramillo)
Frangibility of multiple poles composite towers on airports (Bas Suidgeest)
The Creative Reflection Design Approach Applied in Practice (T.J.Titsing)
Design of an insect pest control device for Hortimotion B.V. (Ard Commandeur)
Development of a graph-based method for simulation modeling of baggage handling systems at VanDerLande Industries (Pieter Klinkenberg)
Prototype design of a burner with low emissions and high modularity (Harshit gupta)
Design and realization of an experimental thermoacoustic setup (Daan van der Gun)
CFD for Motion of Elongated Bubbles in Viscous Liquid (R.F. Kroes)
Anticipating and preventing storage capacity restrictions in a fast-growing ice cream production environment (Tim Koopmans)
Development of a framework for corporate technological knowledge (Laurens Kemp)
Development of Design Support Tool for New Lean Production Systems (Michal Olczyk)
Innovation management for small and medium enterprises (Brenda van der Linden)
Improving the user-product interaction of a self-management support system for renal transplant patients (Willem-Sander Markerink)
Application of Vibration Based Structural Health Monitoring to Wind Turbine Blade Specimen (F.C. Kesteloo)
Towards a Solution for Broken Catenary Wires by Proposing a New Railway Current Collector Type (J. Visser)
Development of an optimization procedure for automatic yield and hardening parameter identification (Rutger Damink)
CFD modeling of homogenization in an anaerobic digester (Gerrit Gelderblom)
Diffraction of tyre road noise with use of side diffractors (Mart Bruggink)
Developing a process for continuous fibres in Fused Deposition Modelling (Thomas de Bruijn)
Robotic Gait Assistance using an Iterative Learning Controller (Christos Pliagkas)
Cradle to Cradle Packaging Development: Method & Case Study (Bjorn de Koeijer)
Development of a process management strategy for the implementation of the PLM system Siemens Teamcenter (Christa Luesink)
The impact of the spray quality on pyrolysis oil combustion in gas turbines (J.E.P. Gudde)
Design of a modular micro pump assembly for space applications (Niek Oldeboer)
The design of an applied game for people with autism spectrum disorders (Nina Geurds)
Rapid Depressurization of a Carbon Dioxide Pipeline (Barry Vree)
Development of a design support model for designing flexible indoor green wall panel systems (Casper Conradi)
Combining persuasive and gameful design for the development of the online training This is Your Life (Bas Snippert)
Validation of a predictive tool modelling tyre tread pattern noise (Jeffrey Hagen)
Reducing the swing motion of the hook load of an offshore crane using active tuggers (F. Demmer)
Initial spare parts assortment decision making: a structured approach (J. Ziggers)
Package and Chassis Design for the gCar 3.0 - A light Urban Vehicle (Maarten de Witte)
The development of sustainable installations for the bathroom (Wouter de Haas)
Predictive maintenance on the main bearing of the Smart-L (Sierd Heida)
Developing a custom-made Life Cycle Assessment software tool for a specific user group (Chris ten Dam)
An explorative research to the possibilities of new packaging concepts for margarine (Tessa Eising)
Determining material requirements parameters consistently and understandably - a simulation approach & how the Six Sigma DMAIC approach structured the path to improvement in the material process (Guus Remmerswaal)
Accounting for material and process scatter in optimization of sheet metal forming processes: A demonstrator (Maiko Buurman)
Network World: Design of an interactive information system to introduce the renewed Museon to visitors of the museum. (Jesse van der Scheer)
Photovoltaic Electricity System for Households in Remote Area: A Study in East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia (Lambok Renaldo Siregar)
Solving the Helmholtz equation in terms of amplitude and phase (F.H. de Vries)
The Flex-Syme prosthesis, design and evaluation (Jessika Bijvank)
Towards an Optimal Design of a 6-DOF Self-Aligning Exoskeleton Shoulder Joint (Antoon Philippi)
MoveYourself, increasing the independency of immobile caretakers (Joran van Leussen)
Process optimization of tire tread extrusion (A.J. Oldenburger)
The design of conceptual interactive play sets for the outdoor public environment (Robert-Jan den Haan)
Theoretical and experimental study on a liquid compression reactor (G Fuite)
Technology Development for In-line Textile-Cord Activation with Plasma Treatment (M.Sc. André Louis)
The impact on fuelwood consumption by substituting a traditional fire with an improved cookstove (Annegreet Ottow-Boekeloo)
Combustion with fractal-grid-generated turbulence (P.A. Willems)
Improvement of consumer involvement in the design process of packaging development (Gerrit Eisma)
Transient Analysis of Elastic Wave Propagation using the Method of Reverberation Ray Matrix (IJssebrand Ziel)
Sustainable packaging: Integration of sustainability in the product development process of a large retailer (Sophie van Felius)
CFD analysis of a spray flame in a piloted diluted spray burner (Hedwich Bekius)
Advanced cold-forming: cutting (Luuk Meijerink)
Developing Corporate product identity guidelines (Marleen de Vries)
The monster project: discovering, analysing, and solving packaging opportunities for Cloetta (Judith Boonstra)
Soot modeling and trend predictions in non-premixed turbulent jet flames with use of CFD (Rogier Schimmel)
Feasibility study of designing and producing an innovative PMMA based PV panel with integrated Fresnel optics (Georgios Patias)
Creating hollow products with Twintex (Nico de Vries)
Heat transfer enhancement on silicon chips using carbon nano structures (S.D. Bijl)
Developing a method to optimize process parameters for Selective Laser Melted metal components (Lennard Terpstra)
Designing a conceptual interior for an electric car for the year 2020; Mediterana (Jacques Donker)
The CoreLine 2014 project: a research on low-cost functional LED luminaires for office environments (Erik Einmahl)
The development of a flexible building system utilizing renewable materials (Evelien Ploos van Amstel)
Innovating Toon: the development of a new smart thermostat feature (Bob Graat)
Evaluation of the quality and sustainability of the urban environment by means of a system of indicators (Robert Damen)
Communication among experts - The development of a communication facilitating tool for Nedap Security management (Leonieke Kruims)
A spare part classification method for inventory control at Grolsch (Haico Stegink)
Framework design for a distance collaboration support environment (Jelle Kuster)
Catalytic flash pyrolysis of biomass in a fluidized bed to produce a high-quality bio-oil (Martijn Al)
Developing a numerical model for the prediction of single scan lines in metal Selective Laser Melting (Rutger Bruins)
The development of a tracking system for deployable space systems. (Bart Claessen)
Temperature and film thickness behaviour in grease lubricated bearings; in situ cage temperature and film thickness measurements. (Lieuwe de Vries)
Reduced operational workload and manning for TACTICOS using a user-centred scenario-based design approach (W.J. Hoogstra)
The development of an 'invisible' recirculation hood for ATAG (Kyan Kuiper)
The Blueprint of Green Design; a study on sustainable measures in product design (Annemarie Tibbe)
The design of a calibration fixture for the MTNext sensors (Teun Stortelder)
Sensit: a product to help relieve performance related stress. (Lara Blokker)
A model of supply chain network configuration design for synthesis tools (Lu Wang)
Supporting the integration of environmental responsibility within product development by simplifying the Life Cycle Assessment. (Thomas den Hengst)
MiMo adaptive feed-forward controller design for motion control systems (Jianlei Tian)
Experimental study on the combustion of torrefied biomass in drop tube furnace and cyclonic TGA (Xiao Wang)
household energy demand in the netherland:applicaton of agent based model to assess the potential of carbon emission reduction (MB Tariku)
Applications of the electronic nose, leading to a conceptual design (Frank Egberts)
Developing a method for capturing and reusing knowledge (Gerben den Besten)
Simulation of incompressible fluid flow including fluid structure interaction using the meshless finite pointset method (Mart Linthorst)
An Implementation of the Planning Phase of Triana using the Flexible Power Application Infrastructure (Stergios Dagioglou)
Quantification of Acoustic Losses in a Bended Wave Guide Using CFD (Rob Boumans)
Oscillatory Flow in Jet Pumps: Setup Design and Experiments (Mahening Citra Vidya)
A minimal invasive laproscopic based sugery device, for placing NeoChord (Gerrit Overweg)
Towards a No Mess trimming experience (IDE) (Luc Berntsen)
Towards a No Mess trimming experience (ME) (Luc Berntsen)
Two-phase heat transfer in high heat dissipative modular radar systems using heat pipe technology (Koen Grobben)
Tape Deformation During Laser Assisted Tape Placement (Tjitse Slange)
Development and application of a maintenance policy selection method for maritime assets (Mark ten Dam)
On Flameless Combustion Modeling of Fuel Oil in Ansys Fluent (Nick Gralike)
Methods for implementing additive manufacturing processes in a product life cycle (M.J. Goutier)
Developing guidelines for sustainable urban design. (D.W. van de Merwe)
Feasibility study of using injection molding as an encapsualtion process for PMMA based solar PV panels (Emanuel Bocaniala)
A behavior design framework for user centered mPSS design: Towards increased use of innovative mPSS solutions for elderly in an aging society (Gerrit Witteveen)
The Mission: The design of a cross-medial board game. (Christiaan Endert)
Designing for future train performances - A study on how to improve the design for RAM/LCC methodology at NedTrain ROH (Sabine Mooij)
An investigation into the deformation behaviour of an advanced high strength steel in roll forming (Stijn Hanselman)
Bright Light Therapy for Burnout (Anika Siepel)
Design for laptop security in public environments through User Involved Design (Thomas Houwers)
A new car body design for Carice (Annet Kodde)
A multi-dof active vibration isolation setup for a coriolis mass flow rate meter (Kyrian Staman)
Improving the sliding friendliness of artificial turf (Eilien Knook)
Design, test and implementation of an effectiveness method in a high-mix-low-volume job shop machining environment (J.W. Borst (Jesper))
Catalytic Pyrolytic Gasification of biomass for Bio-LNG production (Arend Jan Keurhorst)
Optimisation of the structural packaging design process for global beer brands - a study for SABMiller (Ellen Langerwerf)
A control system for a wave energy converter for optimum power production (Sander Käo)
Maintenance concept development, for naval components, via Quality Function Deployment (Aikaterini Tsoni)
Design guidelines for a piezo-electric cantilever energy harvesting system (A. Bolijn)
Evaluating and redesigning the structural and graphical primary packaging of an existing cookie product of Lotus Bakeries. (Pleuni van Kessel)
The development of a framework for mapping the intangible qualities of architecture (Roel Driever)
Partial dynamic balancing of a 4-DOF parallel manipulator (Mathijs H.W. Ruesink)
The Effects of Torrefaction Pre-treatment on the Quality of Pyrolysis Oil (Dani Esa Windiarto)
Using a new two-diode model to determine the power outputs, the yields and the performances of the PV modules of the PV test bench at the University of Twente (Kaj Pegels)
Modelling the effect of occupant behaviour on energy use to improve retrofit investment decisions (Jasper Vis)
Modelling the removal of stratum corneum cells by tape stripping (Leon Splithof)
Design of a packaging line that fits with the brand identity and target group of Carmen (Haske Rasser)
Caring Toys for Boys - A Gender Approach to Toy Design (Xinfu Xu)
Changing the looks of Carmen (Jet Hidding)
Usability of Gynaecological Applicators (J.W. van Manen)
Enter the matrix - A framework exploiting the concept of interactions for designing ergonomically sound products (Yorrit van der Staay)
The Awareness Phase in Theory and Practice (Laura Schäffer)
Design and construction of a setup that represents the behavior of a helicopter Rotor Blade System (Joris Wolters)
Effects of air on the dynamic properties of a solar array in an acoustic field (Roeland Weigand)
Damage detection diagnostics of an insulated rail joint using axle box accelerations on a passenger train (Slawik Prosjkin)
Towards on-blade monitoring of rotating blade systems; a dynamics based approach (Stefan Oosterik)
How can both the dynamic behaviour and wear of the wheel set be integrated in the design of a train wheel profile? (Pieter van Elderen)
Press Process Modeling to Predict Printed Circuit Board Deformation (Julian Veldhuijzen van Zanten)
Synthesis and Optimization of Large Stroke Flexure Hinges (M.E. Grootens)
Utilization and small scale, local production of bio-ethanol in rural India (Sander Veltkamp)
An alternative method for micro-speaker testing using an impedance tube (Niels Consten)
Hydrodynamic Coupling in a Multi-body Dynamics Time Domain Model (T. van Vuren)
Integrated approach to optimize the skin layup of a horizontal stabilizer (Mieke van den Bosch)
Solid-phase laser induced forward transfer of variable shapes using a liquid crystal spatial light modulator (Mart Jansink)
NEO - The design and development of a new aerial platform (Niek Groenendaal)
Design for product recognition - The development of a value-based design language for Weasler (Jan van Nifterik)
A selection tool for composite production processes (Dirk Ettema)
Maintaining ATES balance using continuous commissioning and model predictive control (Hoving, Jasper (J.H.K.))
Lifetime testing of linear Electro Magnetic Actuators, including design and realization of a test setup (Robbin Mennings)
Development of a loop-seal for the recirculation of granular solids (Sjoerd van der Lippe)
Creating a new ice experience on recreational, mobile ice rinks for Ice-World (Puck Veugelers)
Design of a stair climbing device for active wheelchair users (Camille Groot)
Creating a child friendly travelling product (Pierre-Yves Rassers)
Development of innovative packaging concepts based on a brand-driven innovation model (Amke Buijs)
Designing a novel silicone rubber grip material (Frank van Maanen)
Development of a method to assess the sustainability of packaging products regarding the circular economy (Mark Scholte)
The assessment of acceptance in the context of advanced driver assistance systems (Frank Heus)
Wave Propagation in Cartesian and Cylindrical Multi-Layered Waveguides (Joost Maas)
Develop a product development strategy for AVEX by means of case studies (Jeroen Labots)
Improving the customers experience of Vanderlande baggage handling systems (Monique van Kempen)
Experimental investigation of torrefied biomass pyrolysis (Juda Ester)
Development of an innovative packaging concept and integrated packaging development approach within a Stage-Gate based innovation process (Mark Plant)
CFD analysis of turbulent reacting flows within practical combustors and High Pressure Nozzle Guide Vane passages (Siebo Horenberg)
Assisting lateral balance during human gait (Frank Wouda)
Development of a wheelchair ergometer (Jasper Slot)
Analyzing energy demand: implementing a structural LCA approach to determine the total quantity of primary energy needed to manufacture a single X-ray tube. (Thierry Spaans)
Best Practices in Packaging Development: The route of decisions leading to the optimal decorated packaging (Jael Loermans)
The technical redesign of the Kids Nautique Sâiren water alarm - bringing the Sâiren to 2015 (Kyle Regeling)
Kinematic Design Method for a Rail Mounted Inspection Robot Arm (J.A.J. Huttenhuis)
Catalytic pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass for bio-oil production (Karlo Kok)
Achieving packaging manufacturing flexibility through the interplay of design and production process characteristics (Alexandra van der Meer)
Computational Fluid Dynamics for a non-adiabatic flame fed with gas turbine flue gas, using the CFI reaction progress model (Lennart van de Maat)
Development of a roadmap towards sustainable male grooming products. (Maaike van den Ende)
Circulation momney: are we stuck on metal coins? A study of new coinage materials (Gijs otten)
A method supporting Reliability and Maintainability in radar system design (Jack van Dalen)
Development of a device that assists physically disabled users while transfering in and out of bed. (Dennis Martina)
Designing a Product Service System to enhance the User Experience of Fitness. (G. de Vries)
Keeping task chairs relevant in evolving techno-social contexts of use: supporting sedentary surgeons during da Vinci procedures (Hans Blankenvoort)
Characterizing randomly porous regenerator materials (Neal Meijers)
Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide coupled with hydrogen sulfide dissociation (Nikolaos Mimikos)
Proper Orthogonal Decomposition: A Model order reduction method for the non-linear forming processes (Hendrik Spoelhof)
Improvement of the standard aortic valve replacement procedure (Rick Brunninkhuis)
The SRP ranking tool: the development of a software application that supports the evaluation of SRP, regarding its on shelf performance. (Olav Peuscher)
Design of a prosthetic foot that is adjustable to every individual patient (Frank Helling)
Usability of the MyHand: an assistive hand orthosis to overcome stroke impairments (Laura Smulders)
Personalising the dining experience using additive manufacuring: creating a self-design toolkit for pasta dishes (Liza Boon)
Application of fractal grids in industrial low-swirl combustion (Guido D. ten Thij)
Towards a smart synthesis tool for the design of future assembly cell concepts (Robbert-Jan Koebrugge)
Integration of Packaging development and Assembling Process development (Mark Spil)
Analytical formulation for stiffness and buckling characteristics of flexure mechanisms (Marijn Nijenhuis)
pebbleTRACK, Mobile research platform for remotely conducting frequent measurements with test persons by making use of a smartphone and programmable smartwatch. (Pim Gianni Spoor)
Implementing a value model as a framework for innovation in healthcare: Product development of test devices in the medical field. (Remco Balk)
Limits of deterministic behaviour of a multiple overconstrained compliant four-bar mechanism (Werner van de Sande)
On Extinction and CO modelling of a partially premixed flame in hot, vitiated coflow using flamelet generated manifolds (Arno Eijkelkamp)
RTH standardization (C.Rutting)
Developing the Visual Futures Scenarios Method (Heleen de Vos)
Charging many: The design of a novel charging facility for Norway (Lisette Schuddeboom)
mOrgan: design of an organ transport system (Frank Timmerhuis)
Numerical Investigation of Vortex Breakdown (Tjarke van Jindelt)
Creating brand knowledge to improve the influence on the consumerâs in-store purchase decision (Niki Kluit)
Vibration avoidance in cable driven parallel manipulator in outside environments (Ron Slomp)
Introduction of a Risk Analysis standard for the Manufacturing industry (Arno Reimert)
Enhanced Hybrid Design Tool Environment (Ruben Kruiper)
Designing a wind turbine split blade: A &#34;one-shot&#34; production process (Zioulis Iosif-Angelos)
The development of a novel treatment method for humerus fractures that require surgical intervention (Bram van Wijk)
The development of the next generation control for premium induction hobs (David Young)
A custom-oriented design method for &#34;Nul-Op-de-Meter&#34;-renovations (Lindsay Hovenier)
A Business Case Model to Support Sustainable Investment Decisions (Maurits Korse)
The influence of interface friction on the collapse of cladded casings. (Menno in 't Veld)
Development of an intradermal vaccine delivery system for DermalDose B.V. (Thomas Verloop)
Consolidation quality of thermoplastic composite tailored blanks (Mark M. Bouwman)
Solar charging of electric bikes: simulation and design (Jelmer Kuiper)
Singularity analysis and design of an H4 manipulator end effector (Lennart Kamphuis)
Water footprint of second generation bioenergy and energy carriers (Vasileios Mathioudakis)
Design of a test method to predict consumers performance perception of a grooming appliance. (Daan Gosenshuis)
Refurbishment and optimisation of two boiler assembly lines (Martin Hartmann)
Fast & Flawless: A future proof redesign of the information carriers in PostNL`s parcel transfer (Wessel de Vries)
Design of a prototype machine for 3D printing with continuous fibre reinforcement (Menno-Jan Rietema)
Redesign and optimization of the âSunmachineâ converting wood into power and heat (Dimitris Bairaktaris)
Experiments on the rheological behaviour of neutrally-buoyant particle-liquid suspensions (Bas Pollemans)
Exploring opportunities for a new product to expand Philipsâ business in beverage appliances and developing a product concept that attracts buyers (Noor Reigersman)
Thermal effects during the stamp forming process (Thijs Donderwinkel)
Experimental investigation of the effects of torrefaction on the quality of pyrolysis oil (Rendra Firmansyah)
The hot gas welding of thermoplastic composite butt joints (Vincent Arzoni)
Developing a Road Map for the Design of Project Oriented Assembly Processes (Martin Nieuwerth)
Possibillities of powering a wireless sensor node with vibration based energy harvesting. (Geert Kottier)
Hot dip galvanizing line furnace performance increase by model predictive control (Aditya Hekker)
Design and validation of a support harness that provides safety-as-needed in stroke rehabilitation on a treadmill. (Claudia Henckel)
Improvement of look and feel of nylon parts produced with selective laser sintering (Daphne Laméris)
Experimental study on the improvement of a heat engine running on supercritical CO2 (Ivan Derkink)
White Canvas. A conceptual redesign of the duvet to enhance the brand identity. (J. Bootsveld)
Reconfiguration, a case study on designing modular assembly facilities for synthesis application (Martin Karelse)
Social Engagement in Design: a new perspective (Liesbeth Stam)
Context-aware best practice recommendations to tailor product development processes (Jeroen Herbrink)
PV modules characterization using electroluminescence, infraredthermography and IV curve tracing (David Martinez Biro)
4th Generation Design in automotive (Ruben Borgonjen)
Design of a 3 DOF flexure based precision stage (Erald Schipper)
Succes in the sharing economy: an explorative study (Maarten Vriesen)
Thematic Framing: a human-centred methodology for medical design innovations (Minke Dijkstra)
Development of a maturity model for lean product development. (Sander Eshuis)
A Monte Carlo and Interval Contraction hybrid approach to design space exploration (Freek Duisterwinkel)
Scatter reduction in peel test results of a butt-joint construction (Han IJmker)
A model-based safety architecture framework for complex systems (Katja Schuitemaker)
Additve Manufacturing with Friction Surface Cladding (Frederik Deunk)
Modelling and experimental investigation of a thermally self-oscillating pump (Marijn Pieter Zwier)
Characterization and reduction of flow separation for laminar oscillatory flow in jet pumps (Michael Timmer)
The drivers InCharge<p> the role of the charging infrastructure in the diffusion of the electric vehicle in Norway</p> (Noortje Naeff)
Oxygen mask for convenient and accurate respiratory monitoring (Martijn Gommeren)
Output-only Modal-based Structural Health Monitoring in composite beams (Ruben Teunis)
Development of a vaccine carrier with freeze prevention technology for developing countries. (Merijn Sanders)
Time independent and time dependent validation of CFI combustion model in pre-mixed adiabatic flame regime (Raguram Nagarajan)
Sound of siloâs: An experimental investigation into sound emissions from granular flows in a vertical tube. (Elze Porte)
Modeling Topsides Installation using Multibody Dynamics with Impact (Willem Kuiper)
Reducing residual stress and part deformation in SLM through scanning strategies (Sandra Poelsma)
An inverse-design method for centrifugal pump impellers, incorporating blade thickness (Arjan Slaper)
Developing a framework to support the valuation process of technology (Paul de Waard)
Design of the impeller of a Francis type Reversible Pump Turbine (Sudip Adhikari)
Flow Simulation of a Dry Gas Seal Failure Scenario (Faizan Habib Vance)
Adding value during new market entrances: a roadmap for embedding Market Intelligence in New Product Development (Daniël Bijvank)
Implementing an explicit phenomenological single crystal plasticity model. (Jeroen van Aalst)
The Interest in Renewable Energy Projects by Large Dutch Organizations (Quirijn van Hengstum)
Identification of added mass and added damping for simple 2D-geometries (Annemieke Meghoe)
The Design of a Large Stroke Axially Stiff Flexure Hinge (Sijia Chen)
Mechanical feasibility study and design of an oxygen membrane module for Oxyfuel application (Joost Versteijlen)
Expanding product portfolio: Developing a concept for a new stroller (Ruud Baaijens)
Modeling of Flow Dynamics in an In Vitro Model for Intracranial Aneurysms (Metehan Agaca)
The performance of different jet pump geometries in steady and oscillatory flow (Rully Indra Ardhyan)
Atomization and combustion of viscous fuel in gas turbines - Experimental investigation in the effects of air assisted nozzles (Niek van Alst)
Offshore pipe-laying in flexible multi-body dynamics (Marline Vermeulen)
Design of Stinger Roller for Easy Maintainability (Bennie van den Hazel)
Redesign of the Steco Buggy-mee: a future perspective (Henk de Weerd)
Design of an intervention (Hindrik Taatgen)
Development of a framework for virtual reality support in early stages of product development processes (Lonneke Kolkman)
The potential of heat pumps in the energy transition (Robbert Cornelissen)
Estimation of heavy lift forces on platform including friction (Maarten de Vrught)
Developing a framework to support the generation of a virtual company (Renée Evertzen)
Model predictive control of forming processes (Boukje de Gooijer)
Estimation of lift forces on platforms for the Pioneering Spirit in transverse direction (Ramon Mertens)
Facility layout design problem, theory versus practice - a case study at a trailing arm manufacturer. (Laura van Eekelen)
Why furrows matter in skin mechanics (Erik Spekschate)
Implementing brand-driven design within a consumer good company: an example of taking advantage of brand equity (Tamara van der Linden)
The implementation of the Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian method into a Discontinuous Galerkin Solver (Sunny Titus)
Developing a playground for youngsters aging 12 to 18 years in public space (Marlien de Wit)
Physics based method for wind turbine failure detection & diagnosis (Dick Breteler)
The development of a Shelf Ready Packaging design method, in order to improve usability for retailer stakeholders (Bernd Rutgers)
Investigating the acoustic wave propagation prediction capabilities of a compressible CFD code (Marc Bus)
Inventory of load metrics and presentation of a motion optimization method with application to optimal balancing (Arjan J. Oude Vrielink)
Evaluation of the Stanford SU² code as an optimization tool for problems involving rotating flows (Timon Kruijk)
Verifying deep-drawability of a Transmission Form Factor pressure port by Finite Element Modelling (Jildert Anema)
Design a new generation of medical products to (self-)collect vaginal and endocervical specimen. (Marleen Schreurs)
Modeling and optimization of the MHFs for a future scenario at Shellâs Pernis refinery (J.W. Schäffer)
Synthesis tool design for conformal cooling channels in injection moulding (Laurens Hoek)
Improving the web-based intervention Living to the Full (Rianne Karsten)
Fluid induced radial thrust phenomena in low specific speed diffuser pumps (Remco Olimulder)
Development of a visual based model for showing dependencies in multidisciplinary engineering projects (Marco Klunder)
Data analysis and modeling of PV performance and spectrally distributed irradiance (Luna Mutiara)
Multibody-based topology synthesis method for large stroke flexure hinges (Mark Naves)
Overmoulding of Cetex laminate (Marco van Oosten)
Development of a more patient friendly instrument for deformity correction treatments (Barbara van de Sande)
An inverse kinematics-based foot placement controller for a six degrees of freedom lower extremity exoskeleton (Martijn Dekker)
Development of a Portfolio Management Framework (Bianca Bolding)
Optimizing effectiveness by means of production schedules (Marleen Wuestenenk)
Validation of design fiction as a boundary object in the early phase of Thales co-design projects (Klaas Johannes Slob)
Analysis and Validation of Wind Turbine Noise Prediction Methods (Martin Goossens)
The design of a compliant microgripper for the handling of fibers and wires in industrial high-precision assembly lines (Teun Jelle Lassche)
Online measurement of the frictional moment in rolling element bearings. (Erik Heijdens)
Particle Deposition in Pulmonary Flow (Mathias Pecher)
Exploitation of a modular product platform in a new furniture line of desks: a case-study of Royal Ahrend (Anouk Schoonderbeek)
Designing an innovative alliance in a conventional industry. (Thijs Weggemans)
Establishing a development method for packaging innovation to be used by food processing companies (Mart Rozema)
Development of a Sustainable Innovation Strategy for Building Maintenance Units (Youp van der Zande)
The Swing: a non-stigmatizing assistive shower arm with mobility benefits for every type of user. (Remco Reuvers)
Structural analyses of a solar array in an acoustic field (Paul Mannee)
Development of hardware-in-the-loop test device to improve pantograph-catenary interaction and Feasibility study of recuperation technologies in the Dutch railway system (Evert van Veldhuizen)
Integration of flexible solar panels on the roofs of inflatable refugee tents (Elena Findeisen)
A flexure-based 6 DOF parallel manipulator for fast adaptive optics (Otte Haitsma)
Where to put which material - A multidisciplinary design approach (Tim Terpstra)
Continuous structured Maintenance Concept improvement with maintenance feedback at Tata Steel IJmuiden - The case of strip-tracking deviations at the hot strip mill (Jelle Wagenvoort)
Power To Gas and Energy Neutrality for Texel (Thijs ten Brinck)
Development of a framework for the integration of digital innovation in Floor Care products: a case study of conventional vacuum cleaners (Marleen Huirne)
Adjustments of the gas spring in the Symphony Wave Power device (Aart Kooiman)
Predicting the effect of impeller rework on the hydraulic performance of centrifugal pumps (D.G.J. Detert Oude Weme)
Research on the influence of design on the diffusion of technology (Jeroen Snippert)
Application of continuous fibre reinforcement in fused deposition modelling (Mike Broekman)
Development of a protective packaging product that adapts its shape to the product to pack (Egbert Janssens)
A fresh perspective on packaging steel (Julian van Zanten)
Morphological computation of a robot cheetah focussing on the role of the spine (Bart Hoorweg)
Improvements on the production process of Senseo (Monique Parfitt)
A helicopter representation in Adams. Off-blade damage detection (Tjalling de Jong)
A Modular Design Methodology for Multi-DOF Variable Stiffness Joints (Daniel Tan)
Lux based light control (Luuk Booij)
The development of a dynamic model of a one stand cold mill (Verena Louter)
Full Scale Two-Phase solid liquid Anaerobic Digestion: Analysis, Modeling and Design (Sander ten Hove)
The influence of torrefaction as a biomass pre-treatment on the reaction rates of flash pyrolysis (Ruben Halfwerk)
Life Cycle Engineering in the Circular Economy: The perspective of a circular boiler (Willem Haanstra)
Categorizing and prioritizing lifetime impacts for Asset Life Cycle Plans (Tijmen van Diepen)
Characterization and modeling of the deformation and fracture behavior of a bake-hardenable aluminum sheet alloy depending on the state of hardening and pre-strain (Glen Krabbenborg)
Simulating the condensation of a pure argon vapor in an expanding closed container. (Hendrik Bosscher)
The influence of torrefaction on the quality and quantity of fast-pyrolysis oil (Jina Bhagwandas)
Effects of microstructural damage on material and process properties of polyethylene-terephthalate in reheat stretch blow moulding (Dirk Soeteman)
The design of a watertight and easy to use food container (Gijs ten Voorde)
Immersive Learning (Job Bergsma)
The development of a means of support for Philips Research to incorporate circular economy thinking in the design process (Laura de Ruijter)
5Whow, a modular design method (Elmer Krom)
Advancing intra-ply shear characterisation of uni-directional fibre reinforced melts (Dennis Brands)
Optimisation of the Inert Gas Flow in an SLM machine (Glenn Roozing)
A framework for expressing and carrying out Infotopics (Justin Dijkhuis)
Analysis of a monitored photovoltaic system and the feasibility of photovoltaics at the campus of the University of Twente (A.J. Kamphuis)
A generic rotor dynamics model of a vertical rotor bearing system (Rogier Labee)
Analysis and control of a dissipating SLIP walking model (Eva van Duin)
From circular to infinite: The establishment of a tailored packaging-product development method (Pim Lemmens)
Supercritical Water Gasification of Biomass: A Thermodynamic and System analysis (Vasileios Trakas)
A nature-based intervention to reduce stress in an office environment. (Linda Meekhof)
Towards catenary condition monitoring using in-service trains (Jeroen van Beek)
A Multibody Dynamics Representation of Articulated Deployment Systems - Toolkit Development and Gravity Compensation (Sjoerd de Bekker)
The development of a decision model to compare Bio-plus packaging (Erna Leusink)
Experimental Study of Different Stacked Wire Mesh Regenerator Geometries in Steady and Oscillatory Flow (Dony Cahya Hari Mulya)
Order out of chaos - Developing a steppingstone for user support of Be Informed (Berte van de Weerd)
The new Gold: Designing the successor of the Gold 2005 Skate Boot (Marleen Offringa)
Visualizing sustainability approaches (Yolanda Koevoets)
Experimental and theoretical modelling of ironing during tubular expansion. (Daan Wilmink)
Value-based feasibility: Case study on a car interior (Karlo Finkers)
Preparing for growth: Optimising the development process of customised projects (Judith Vissers)
Requirements Analysis of 7-DOF Parallel Haptic Master Device and Experimental Comparison of Two Workspace Extension Techniques for Teleoperation in a Real Life Task (E.W. Versteeg)
Selective laser sintering of polymers - enabling process and control and part property prediction (Eva Hofland)
Value-based feasibility: Case study on a car interior (Karlo Finkers)
Touched by brands: Manipulating cosmetic product packaging to improve multisensory product experience (B. Pris)
Performance Evaluation and Calibration of a 7-DoF Redundantly Actuated Parallel Haptic Device (Diederik van Lith)
Asset replacement planning: The design of a long term asset replacement plan for the packaging department of the Grolsch brewery. (Koen van Mil)
Manipulating cosmetic product packaging to improve multisensory product experience (B. Pris)
Tyre/road noise reduction by sound absorbing grooves (Ydwer Woudstra)
Improving delivery performance in a job shop manufacturing facility: A case study (Puck van Buren)
Measurements on the thermal performance of a concentrated photovoltaic-thermal (CPVT) module (Marnick van de Zande)
Non-linear wave propagation in granular media (Alex Kamphuis)
Development of a knowledge based configuration system (Franke Meijers)
Homey: The role of home automation for the elderly (Sam van der Werf)
Improving performance of a microlens optical wafer stacker (Stefan Rutjes)
How can light improve well-being of people with a profound intellectual disability - a design exploration. (Rosanne Andriessen)
Optimising public innovative sustainable energy project development (David Meijvogel)
Levelized cost of electricity for geothermal energy conversion combined with heat sale in the Netherlands. (Tom Geurink)
Preliminary study on the design of an acoustic flow meter (Gerben van Houwelingen)
Mechanical design and prototyping of a four-wheeled velomobile concept (Robbert Bakker)
Design of an environmental intervention for a residential care and nursing home to improve the well-being of people with dementia. (Manou Visschedijk)
The future of Sandwichbikes: exploring the possibilities through innovation methodology (Maarten Michel)
Reincarnation of textiles (A. Hovhannisian)
Sound propagation in photoelastic granular mixtures (Giorgio Oliveri)
Application of Peltier Thermal Diodes in a Magnetocaloric Heat Pump (Wouter de Vries)
The fast retail track: Towards a modular, prefabricated installation system for retail stores. (P.J. Visscher)
Creating a new line of sanitary products for Forzalaqua and strengthening their business structure (Eelco Anninga)
Concept design of the new international urban lifestyle bicycle (Lotte Swart)
Modeling of a Magnetocaloric Heat pump in Comsol (Joran Stoter)
Gecko-inspired easy-removel skin adhesives (Qilan Li)
Infento Robotics Design of a robotics expansion pack based on Infento s modular construction material (Jurriën Dijkstra)
A numerical study on the performance of a cyclonic pyrogasification reactor using CFD (Stefan Flanderijn)
Lead time reduction in a Build-to-Order process: development of a structured optimization roadmap from an engineering perspective (K.J.L. Joling)
Cost reduction of rework compound at Apollo Vredestein B.V. (Clay Tanuhardja)
Sustainability Roadmap 2030: Outline for a Royal Auping circular economy roadmap concerning customer relevance and communication (Hanneke Weststeijn)
On the transverse in-situ tensile strength of thermoplastic Carbon/PEKK FC laminates (Martin Versteegh)
Assessing the appropriateness of additive manufacturing (Wouter van der Haar)
Development of an Open Innovation Model supporting small scale open innovation projects in the early stages of development (Martin Binnema)
Optical-Thermal Process Model for Laser-Assisted Tape Winding (Jasper Reichardt)
Analysis of the mechanics of a piggyback line in deep water (Mark Schuurman)
The train station as an energy hub (Mattijs Stam)
Evaluation of position dependent damping forces around reaching targets for transport of heavy objects (Richard Immanuël Kevin Fierkens)
BIM for reuse (Lotte Koggel)
Professionalization of Design: A case study in improving a design agency&#39;s performance (Patrick Adrian)
The development of a modular living room cabinet (Ivar Kamies)
Design of a VR application for Priva (Ugur Ay)
Design of a cybersecurity management interface for naval vessels (Frank Frederik Brussel)
Identifying packaging environmental performance improvement possibilities with regard to sustainability targets (Tim Mulder)
Development of a tyre monitoring system (Danny Wilmink)
Laser Cladding for Energy-Efficient Processes and Systems (Han Jin)
The development of a platform that allows smartphone access control (Nora Roebers)
Creating a brand platform in order to launch brand driven product innovations (Emmy Spikkert)
Physical modelling for active noise cancellation in open-fit hearing aids (Mark Böke)
Modal correlation between measurements and models of large stroke flexure hinges (Jeroen Oortwijn)
DES models for improving production performance in manufacturing companies. (Paul de Haan)
Design rules for durable polymer sliding contact (Vikram Ramesh)
System performance improvement of a high-tech system by means of noise reduction (Andries van Benthem)
Automated store loader for bulk storage (Rudi Damhuis)
Kinematic calibration of a six DOF flexure-based parallel manipulator (Axel Timmer Arends)
Design thinking as method for organisational change (Luuk Jansen)
Development of a flexible building system for a circular economy (Remco van der Kolk)
Numerical study of volatile combustion in a biomass grate firing boiler (Bima Anggun Putra)
Participatory Design: Involving Patients in the development of Smart Medical Packaging (Robin Vermeulen)
Dynamic modeling of a steam heating cycle (Erwin Schoo)
The design of a board game that supports its participants in the cooperative design process of educational game concepts. (Brian Diephuis)
Designing an interactive product for people with a moderate to severe intellectual disability and additional challenging behaviour (Anke Sesink)
Opportunities of Smart Industry to improve the tyre production process at Apollo Tyres (Rein Liefers)
Prediction of the friction coefficient of winter tyres (Mihar Mukesh Ved)
The design process of a next generation long range vehicle transponders next to the development of a user-centred design guide for a technology driven business-to-business company. (Ellis Wiggers)
Rebound Resilience Test Analysis and Optimization (Yuhan Luo)
Design of a robust measurement setup for measuring sound absorption coefficient for oblique sound waves (Joram Benning)
Flexible multibody dynamics: The use of interface coordinates in the floating frame of reference formulation (Wilfred Scholten)
Development of the Tauw Innovation Pyramid (Milou Mulder)
Technical developments in low and middle voltage grids affecting Dutch Distribution Network Operators (Vincent Bosman)
Fractal grids as static mixers for modern lean premixed combustion systems (Roeland Käser)
Designing durable product concepts that fit both the brand and the anniversary (Manon van der Meer)
The impact of reactive power in the MV-and LV-grid (Martin Buitink)
Parameter study of heat transfer and pressure drop on a pin-fin heat exchanger using OpenFOAM (Gregor Alan)
Design of a game to present and test a digital application (Frederick James Ramaker)
Development of continuum robots for medical applications: design and modeling of magnetically and water jet actuated manipulators (Imro Dawson)
Road to renewable - How do bio-based plastics perform compared to conventional plastics? (Ivo ten Brinck)
Minimizing stress shielding by stiffness optimization of the acetabular cup (F.A. Perez Boerema)
Characterization of the tension-compression behavior of DP-steels using a new uni-axial specimen design (Thomas Shot)
Design for empowering people to get a grip on their daily life: An exploration of Embodied Empowerment through Participatory Design (Melina Kopke)
A Lean Startup approach to new product development of physical consumer products: a case study. (Ruben van den Hout)
Design of an equipment module changeover concept for reconfigurable assembly cells (Bas Vandeursen)
Creating a framework to develop a scalable maintenance program for unmanned aircraft systems (Erik Schakel)
Designing an Adams toolkit for the creation of satellite solar array deployment models (Wouter Schonenberg)
Influence of non-linear steel wire rope characteristics on subsea operations (Jasper Hollewand)
Showing dependencies in multidisciplinary products by development of a visual based model (Ard Klompe)
Identification of the hydrodynamic force of rigid and flexible bodies for linear water waves (Ria Otter)
A multi-agent simulation study of the Physical Internet in a network of e-commerce businesses in the area of Louisville (Pieter Beem)
Research on the nonlinear transient response analysis of semi rigid solar panels (Thomas Eisma)
Towards using process control data to enable condition based maintenance for PLC-automated machinery at Saint Gobain Abrasives (Niels van Noord)
Tyre cavity resonance reduction using polyurethane foam (Richard Lubbers)
&#34;What If?&#34; Cultural change in the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen by the what-if approach of Wim Gilles (Berber Vos)
TAG processing in a fluidized bed system (Willem Broenink)

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